I couldn’t be more proud of my amazing and talented friend, Angela.

She has come forward and offered to share her story with everyone through the Au Naturale Project. We totally commend you and we are so TRULY inspired by your courageousness in deciding to put your vulnerabilities out there for everyone else to see.

I’m not really sure how this happened so perfectly but somehow things happen at the right time and the right place for the right reasons, ever feel that way?   I absolutely did with Angela, she was the first person to reach out to me with her story.  This just seemed to be the perfect opportunity for us to share her story ASAP, as it’s National Eating Disorder Awareness week.

Thank you so much for coming forward and being as brave and as strong as you are; you are such a true example of a beautiful human being inside and out and you certainly are one powerful woman I look up to and love very much. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to photograph you and put your story out there for thousands of other women to see. Our hope is to make an impact on other women who have been through the same experiences and inspire women who are dealing with this hardship to reach out and get help.

Angela said it was important for her to increase awareness of Eating Disorders not just this week, but more importantly every week. We need to keep highlighting and raising awareness as long as the media keeps portraying women so unrealistically. She feels there will always be an increasing problem with woman’s self esteems and women comparing themselves to other women, as long as they keep misrepresenting us as “perfect looking people.”  She along with the purpose of the REAL WOMEN AU NATURALE PROJECT want women to realize the media portrays women unrealistically and we want to remind other women to stop comparing yourself to everything you see in the media.

Below are REAL RAW pictures we photographed of Angela, A real woman with no makeup, no skin retouching, nada and she is beautiful just the way she is – look at her, she is stunning!

AAP_ Ange051

Hello It’s Me Exposed: “For most of my life (since the age of 7), I have struggled with an eating disorder. I have never been comfortable in my own skin.   My eating disorder took over my life. It took away a huge chunk of my childhood, it interfered with my schooling and with work.  It has also ruined relationships. My eating disorder does not define me, but it has taught me a lot. It has taught me who my true friends, that family is forever, and that happiness is measured in smiles, not pounds. There are still days where I look in the mirror and can’t stand the sight of myself. But those days are fewer and fewer. Currently I’m in a much better place now. A place where I’m learning to embrace who I am. I’m learning to love myself and my body…flaws and all. It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and I decided to finally share my story in hopes that it will help others to appreciate themselves & their bodies, just as they are.”


AAP_ Ange056

AAP_ Ange033

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AAP_ Ange013C

AAP_ Ange019CAAP_ Ange046CAAP_ Ange060C

AAP_ HNE029_1

“I can’t thank Alyssa Andrew of Alyssa Andrew Boudoir  enough for starting this amazing project: Real Women Au Naturale. She is helping to empower women to love themselves and their bodies. She has helped me feel comfortable in my own skin.” – Angela

Places for Treatment that come highly recommended (local & all over the US):  

The Renfrew Center, 475 Spring Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19128

Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt | Eating Recovery Center | McCallum Place | Timberline Knolls

National Easting Disorder Website:

 Companies we absolutely support & commend that feature REAL WOMEN in their ad campaigns & using un-retouched photo ads!  Dove Campaign for Real Beauty & Aerie un-retouched Ad’s – article in the Huffington Post –

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  • Janel

    Absolutely amazing – beauty from the inside out shinning through .

  • mark

    You are so beautiful

  • JB

    Great Job. Inspirational story. Love the idea of ‘Real Women Au Naturale’. We are all different, which is okay. Thanks to both of you for doing this.

  • CP

    I, as well, grew up anorexic. I have struggles my short life with this disease and I understand what you are going through. I’m now a struggling photographer and going to a local university for BSN and clinical psych so I may help with woman dealing with these issues. Unfortunately, my younger daughter is now expressing anorexic symptoms however, I am struggling with getting her help because she only admitts to binging but now how she’s expelling the food and this poor girl is sickly looking and just not gaining weight. Reading this makes me proud of you for fighting everyday AND sharing. I know it’s not easy but keep fighting the good fight.


  • Thomas

    Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing this story.

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