(A Roadside family portrait by John Michael Cooper of AltF Photography -Roadside Families 2017)

I REALLY believe every women should have Intimate Female portraits done of themselves to immortalize their bodies….

WE ARE ALL GODDESSES and should be celebrating our FEMININITY and reclaiming our bodies and the power we hold within ourselves.

The Female body is beautiful, sacred and pure art in its finest form

-I believe every women has a story and their story should be heard

-I believe in myself – not just today but everyday

-I believe true beauty comes from accepting our own imperfections

-I believe vulnerability is strength, and I am so proud to say I wear my heart on my sleeve

-I believe I am closest to God in nature

-I believe in the power of being impulsive and doing things spontaneously

-I believe that honesty, compassion and empathy are my key connections to women

I believe good things come in small packages, because my Dad always told me so       

-I believe and respect the elderly not just for their wisdom but for their boldness


L~ F~: