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Alyssa Andrew | Owner of Alyssa Andrew Boudoir Photography
I wokeup brave today from all the women
"Through accepting our imperfections allows us to love ourselves that
much more.   We are all Perfectly Imperfect.
My stretchmarks are the beauty marks that birthed my children." -Me

My biggest BELIEFS that contribute to my Boudoir Photography:


-I believe every women has a story and their story should be heard


-I believe we all can learn from one another

-I believe in myself - not just today but everyday

-I believe true beauty comes from accepting our own imperfections

-I believe vulnerability is strength, and I am so proud to say I wear my heart on my sleeve

-I believe I am closest to God in nature

-I believe in the power of being impulsive and doing things spontaneously

-I believe that honesty, compassion and empathy are my key connections to women

-I believe good things come in small packages, because my Dad always told me so

-I believe and respect the elderly not just for their wisdom but for their boldness

Meet Alyssa

I have been photographing Boudoir and Maternity Sessions for women in the Lehigh Valley & surrounding tri-state area for over a decade now.

We were the first ALL-FEMALE Boudoir Photography team in Pennsylvania to introduce this specific niche of luxury service photography. Our home studio is based in Northampton, PA. We have teamed up with a professional hair & makeup artists to make your Boudoir Session an incredible, stress-free experience.

I am truly inspired by HONESTY, Art, Love, Fashion, the Body Positive Movement, Female Empowerment, and Women supporting Women. *Remember This is a judgement free zone.


Not only do I photograph Boudoir as a fine art form of photography, but I wholeheartedly care about women and how they feel about themselves. I want to tell your stories of trauma, hardship, struggles and hard work; why you are where you are today and what has shaped you into YOU. How are you healing and how can we heal moving forward.  We can inspire one another (-One women at a time) by sharing our personal stories through my Therapeutic Photography. I started the REAL WOMEN AU NATURALE PROJECT back in 2014, to encourage women to love their bodies as they are. #PerfectlyImperfect 


The biggest step towards loving yourself is accepting  you and your body just as you are today in the NOW  and moving forward in a positive loving light.

Accolades + Publications:

I am a proud member of the PPA, AIBP, and continuing education - Do More Photographers group, as I am always trying to learn more and perfect my craft.

Storyboard Weddings, Utterly Engaged, Lehigh Valley Style Weddings, Philadelphia Wedding Mag


I will always capture my children as my
Love my boy

"Remember You are WORTHY"

"Your Body is the House You Grew Up In"

-Women Empowering Women-


          THE STUDIO

100 Keystone Avenue

Emmaus, PA 18049

Tel: 484.547.5000


*By Appointment Only*

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