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"Through accepting our imperfections allows us to love ourselves that
much more.   We are all Perfectly Imperfect.
My stretchmarks are the beauty marks that birthed my children." -Me

My biggest BELIEFS that contribute to my Boudoir Photography:


-I believe every women has a story and their story should be heard


-I believe we all can learn from one another

-I believe in myself - not just today but everyday

-I believe true beauty comes from accepting our own imperfections

-I believe vulnerability is strength, and I am so proud to say I wear my heart on my sleeve

-I believe I am closest to God in nature

-I believe in the power of being impulsive and doing things spontaneously

-I believe that honesty, compassion and empathy are my key connections to women

-I believe good things come in small packages, because my Dad always told me so

-I believe and respect the elderly not just for their wisdom but for their boldness

Meet Alyssa

I have been photographing Boudoir and Maternity Sessions for women in the Lehigh Valley & surrounding tri-state area for over a decade now.

We were the first ALL-FEMALE Boudoir Photography team in Pennsylvania to introduce this specific niche of luxury service photography. Our home studio is based in Northampton, PA. We have teamed up with a professional hair & makeup artists to make your Boudoir Session an incredible, stress-free experience.

I am truly inspired by HONESTY, Art, Love, Fashion, the Body Positive Movement, Female Empowerment, and Women supporting Women. *Remember This is a judgement free zone.


Not only do I photograph Boudoir as a fine art form of photography, but I wholeheartedly care about women and how they feel about themselves. I want to tell your stories of trauma, hardship, struggles and hard work; why you are where you are today and what has shaped you into YOU. How are you healing and how can we heal moving forward.  We can inspire one another (-One women at a time) by sharing our personal stories through my Therapeutic Photography. I started the REAL WOMEN AU NATURALE PROJECT back in 2014, to encourage women to love their bodies as they are. #PerfectlyImperfect 


The biggest step towards loving yourself is accepting  you and your body just as you are today in the NOW  and moving forward in a positive loving light.

Accolades + Publications:

I am a proud member of the PPA, AIBP, and continuing education - Do More Photographers group, as I am always trying to learn more and perfect my craft.

Storyboard Weddings, Utterly Engaged, Lehigh Valley Style Weddings, Philadelphia Wedding Mag


-Women Empowering Women-


          THE STUDIO

187 Main St, Suite #300

Emmaus, PA 18049

Tel: 484.547.5000



*By Appointment Only*