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PA Boudoir Photographer | My Children and I

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

What motivates me?

Well for starters the birth of my Son and Daughter were two of the biggest milestones in my life; they essentially changed my life forever! Since the day my Son Landry was born I always wanted to instill in him proper values. - What I mean by that is how to treat Women properly and appropriately. This kiddo better grow up to know his right from wrong behavior and what he can expect of a typical women; not these models and actresses who are all over television, magazines, and the Internet airbrushed. What the media portrays is nothing short of reality.....

PA Boudoir Photographer
These kiddos love me unconditionally & wholeheartedly - it's not about the way I look. Our Childrens love is such a learning lesson to all of us

Unless you are a Stay-At-Home Mom with a Nanny, Personal Trainer, Private Chef, Nutritionist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist and Hairstylist --the whole nine yards and a whole lot of time on your hands to workout non stop... that my friends is not achievable, or what normal households look like nowadays. Our daily "typical routine" is not the celebrity lifestyle nor should we be comparing ourselves (especially our #perfectlyimperfect bodies) to them. I know I pride myself on my #honesty and will give both of my Children realistic outlooks on life to live by. I will not put who the media puts online and all over television on a higher pedastool or in the limelight. I will praise, admire and show appreciation for the average SAHM with 4 kids, the Single Mom, the Full-time working parent. - YES to my Son and Daughter I will teach them how to work hard, have a strong work ethic and not to emulate celebrities with an unrealistic lifestyle.

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