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PA Boudoir Photographer | Celebrates Real Women + Mother's Day

I would love to know how many #Moms out there feel like they need a pick me up - possibly some gorgeous, natural, organic feeling images of their "REAL BODIES" and even a few photographs of them with their Children... These photos would be used as a beautiful tribute to the upcoming #MothersDay2019.

Do I have any takers/+ interest in a concept such as this?

I will choose 3 lucky ladies to participate in this project, gift them a session.

What I'll need from you are: Applicants that don't mind talking about your birth stories, and/ or hardships after becoming a MOTHER and possibly how you feel about your body now vs. prior to having a Child.

If we share our stories I think we could reach a lot of women and impact/ empower more women to feel good about themselves.

Please submit your "self-image stories" and/or "Complications with Pregnancy/ Motherhood/ Post Partum story" to my email address at: to be considered. I will contact each Mom individually if you end up being chosen for this project!

There were so many Moms that I think would benefit from sharing their stories to other Women out there. I think it would be amazing to see who wants to share their stories with me in advance - so I can see the content of each individual story....

Feel free to share this blog post as a link or tag any friends to our FB Page who you think would be interested!

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