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It is always such an #awakening time working with my clients. We share so much information about ourselves -- it's quite honestly like we've met somewhere else before, however typically the day of the shoot is the first time I am meeting them in person.

We divulge so much information to one another from being a Mom, being a Wife, being a single Mom, being a working Mom, living life, living to please everybody else, trying to hold the fort together, keeping our houses clean, ignoring our own needs, personal failures, relationship goals, life gains, what our least likes and favorite parts of our bodies are, the media & its fucked up body distorted views, current events, etc. Literally we talk about EVERYTHING, you name it - it's been talked about and it feels great to be among the presence of other woman who have both similar and different views on things.

Everyone I get to share my story with and I get to hear yours - there is something so personal about our intimate exchange, we just grow comfortable with one another.

As soon as you realize we've grown comfortable with each other your boudoir session comes to an end, time flies and we have to say goodbye to what feels like another great meet up with old friends. -The bonding experience is just wonderful, eye-opening and I am most happy for the nervous woman who arrived leaving so empowered. It is so freaking beautiful seeing these ladies #Awakening right before my eyes, right in front of the camera and having that in my artwork.

I hope this gives you a glimpse into just how amazing a Boudoir experience is.

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