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PA Boudoir Studio | Therapeutic Photography Emmaus PA

I couldn't be more excited to make this huge announcement!!!

A beautiful collaboration is coming together with Empower Nutrition and Wellness in Emmaus, PA. As their business grows to incorporate more projects from Yoga & gentle movement, Reiki, Eating Disorder Intensive Outpatient Therapy Program, Stress Management, Sports Nutrition, Active based Therapy, Cranial Massage, Mindfulness, Body Acceptance, and Self Defense. We will also be on board!

They have asked us to become a part of the team.... and be offering Therapeutic Photography Services related to Body Confidence, Maternity & Post Partum Body Sessions.

As a whole, I love the idea of helping guide anyone towards self love and body positivity through the many changes we face throughout our daily lives.

Self love is so important and we strive to captivate that within each and every one of our sessions. I am looking forward to the 2021 move and not only photographing women of all different ages, shapes and sizes but instilling the value their body has & the fact that "YOU ARE WORTHY".

If you are interested do not hesitate to reach out and inquire for our services @ &

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