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Pennsylvania Boudoir Photographer |New Year Motivation

I think we are all deserving of devoting more time to the New Year. - Let us WELCOME everyday with a positive and loving attitude to practice daily #gratitude, #selflove and #bodyacceptance.

Full-time SAHM Mamas, Single Moms, hard-working single women, business owners, newly engaged and married ladies - This is for EVERY-BODY! Predominantly it is way easier to put others before ourselves. Our Children, our husbands, our friends, family - the list goes on.

Think about it a little more in depth; maybe this is a true indication and a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves. I, myself, find it way easier putting my main focus into taking care of others because it's always easier to choose to care for someone else other then to care for MYSELF.

I really think the majority of "us Women" think that caring about Our "Self" is a selfish decision....taking the time out to Exercise, focus on Health, Nutrition, Massages, experimenting with makeup, having a hair apt that lasts more then a few hours. Our Society has had a huge impact and shaped how we think and feel about our bodies. Our minds have also been affected and our view of self-care is really misconstrued.

I do believe that self-care starts with loving you, yourself first and foremost.

So Let's vow to be #kinder to ourselves & our neighbors, pay a compliment to a stranger, take a selfie, do what makes you happy as long as it doesn't impact others negatively.



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