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This is REALLY why YOU Should You Book a #Boudoir Session right NOW

"Note to Self: You do not have to be in the greatest shape of your life in order to book a #Boudoir session!"

"How come, you may ask?" Thinking come on that doesn't make sense at all...

-BUT NO REALLY, I am being 100% dead serious!

Flaws and all, we are more beautiful because of them.

You should book a boudoir session right now NOT because you aren't thrilled with how you look at this present time, but because you want to take steps towards Loving yourself & accepting the current shape your body is in right now. This leads to a "Healthier Happier Wholesome You"... loving and accepting who you are in the present moment, FLAWS and ALL. Our imperfections are what really make us unique and beautiful.

- My whole mission for choosing the career and this specific genre of photography, #BoudoirPhotography I am in, is to solely #help #women love and understand themselves. You and I both know, we have all personally been through so much, it emotionally and physically takes a toll on us and then we have to deal with perfectionism via the Internet, Social Media and Media slapped in our faces daily.

Take a step outside of your comfort zone and in the right direction towards loving yourself. It's a new day and it is ultimately up to our-selves to make a different choice then what you typically would choose to do. I am here and I vow this is as a judgement free zone, if anyone understands the hardships women have to go through I can totally vouch for that and would love to share my own personal story with each and every one of you.

<3 Here's to a whole new Body positive outlook on life, less judging + more loving = A happier and healthier you <3

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