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Alyssa Andrew Boudoir | When In Quarantine

While being the Owner of a small photography business in the state Pennsylvania we have currently been in a "total shutdown mode" #Quarantined #PAClosedBusinessOrder

Let me just share with you that I have had TONS of quality time spent #AtHome + #StayingAtHome with my kiddos, #Homeschooling them and of course holding down the fort with all 3 of them! GOD BLESS THEM! I just feel sooo bad they are stuck at home 24/7 with me. Ya know what when life gives you lemons you make lemonade and that's why we are choosing to make the best of the current situation, YES that's how we roll!

How are you Mamas & fellow Business owners hanging in there with all of this?

I am really hoping and praying that come June our PA businesses will be given the green light to move forward re-opening our doors & operating once again as our clean, self distancing new normal, Boudoir Photography Studio.

Aren't you ready to unleash your inner goddess??? After 4 months of being quarantined!

Just wanted to let ya'll know I am booking the following months in advance June, July & August with hopes we will not have to push back / reschedule any more #Boudoir shoots in the future. I cannot wait to reconnect with all the women I have been in contact with for your boudoir sessions - it will be amazing to get back to work and have some one on one personal interaction with you!!!! I miss my job and I miss helping others feel good about themselves <3

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