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PA Boudoir | Real Women, REAL BODIES

Every #Women should love their bodies. No more excuses!

This doesn't mean you have to be in perfect, tip-top shape or get plastic surgery to achieve the body you desire to be in order to book a #Boudoir Session with us. All this really means is ultimately treat yourself respectfully and as though you DO love yourself.

This gorgeous mama, Ashley, does an amazing job of 'doing her body right!' She has an honest relationship with herself, with food and with working out. She puts a TON of work into herself - 4 kids and going strong as a personal exercise coach for Beach Body. I have so much admiration for how hard she works, how amazing she is as a Mom, and the time she takes to put back into herself to feel strong. Now if all of us could figure out the middle ground of balancing our multiple jobs out!

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